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Online Member Directory makes communication between the members of your organization simple and easy!  Sitting safely in the cloud, our powerful database software provides 24/7 access to up-to-date member information from any computer or mobile device. Our free mobile app and unlimited messaging allow your users to connect and engage like never before.

Our program is perfect for almost any group including schools, athletic organizations, retirement homes, businesses and more!

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Group Messaging

Communicate within groups members instantly with notifications and emails.

Custom Print Options

We offer many ways to print including easy-to-read large print fonts.

Free Mobile App

Access to complete directory listings with one-touch calling, texting and directions

No Contracts

No long term contracts so you’re able to cancel your directory at any time.

Safe and Secure

Your directory is housed on secure servers and utilizes SSL. Multiple password options are included.

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Built for You

Offering multiple options, your directory allows you to list families, individuals, staff and groups but can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs.

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Mobile Notifications

Quickly send schedule changes, reminders, announcements & more.

Totally Flexible

No two organizations are the same & your directory adapts accordingly.

Matches Website

We will match your directory to your website so it integrates seamlessly.

Free for Members

Members get all of our features completely free of charge.

Pays for Itself

Optional Banner Ads can help cover the cost of your Online Member Directory.

My Profile Tab

Members can update their personal & family profiles with customizable fields.

Now available on your iPhone,™ Android,™ and Windows™ devices!  App will install as CTRN Mobile Directory on your mobile device

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Online Member Directory FAQ

What is a member directory?
A member directory is a database that includes key information about members of an organization or group. You can choose the information you’d like to have in your member directory, and whether to make your directory accessible to members of your organization, the public, or both. A member directory can be more than just a repository of data that makes it easier for people to find member contact information and saves your staff time—it can also be used to promote your organization and help your members connect and build community.
How do I create an online member directory?
With Online Member Directory, it’s easy to create a member directory that’s stored online, but that can also be printed. Administering the directory is simple, since the members themselves can manage, customize, and update their own member profiles. 

There are no long-term contracts and we have a generous annual pricing plan so that organizations of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of an online member directory.

We’re happy to help you with your directory and offer excellent live customer service when you need it. We hope you’ll take advantage of our free trial so you can explore all of the features of the Online Member Directory.

What should be in a member directory?
A directory for an organization or any type of group can include all kinds of data. When planning yours, consider what information is most important for users of the directory. If the directory is accessible to the public, also consider privacy settings that members can control.

Here are some types of information about members that you may want to include in an online member directory:

  • Name
  • Contact information such as an email address
  • Address
  • Primary and mobile phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Photo
  • Social media accounts
  • Title or role in the group or committee membership
What is a member database?
A member database is a repository of information about the members in a group. When that database is stored on the internet as it is with our Online Member Directory (instead of internally via a spreadsheet or document), it becomes more than just words and numbers—it becomes a way for everyone in the group to stay connected 24/7 and deepen those connections.

Our member database is simple for administrators to manage and members to use from anywhere in the world. It’s stored securely in the cloud for you and your members’ peace of mind, and your data is encrypted and password-protected.

What types of groups should have a member directory?
There’s no limit! A member directory doesn’t have to be strictly for groups that have some sort of “official” membership. Our easy-to-use but powerful database software can make it easier for all types of groups to connect, collaborate, and communicate.

Nearly any type of group can benefit, including:

  • Schools
  • Retirement communities
  • Athletic organizations
  • Family groups 
  • Businesses
  • Clubs
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Sororities and fraternities
  • Homeowners associations

If you’re part of a group and want to make it easier for every member to be able to quickly search an always-up-to-date directory, exchange texts and emails, and easily manage and customize their own profiles, a member directory such as Online Member Directory is for you!

Can Online Member Directory be used as a photo directory?
It can—and you can even print a traditional photo directory with it! We know how important printed member directories can be to an organization, so Online Member Directory includes several options that allow you to print your photo directory.
What can we do with your mobile app?
The Online Member Directory app gives members of your group an easy way to stay connected anytime, anywhere. 

These are just some of the features of our member directory app:

  • Stay in touch: It takes just seconds to reach out to members of your organization with our app with the capability to text, email and call with just one touch.
  • Find a friend: The Online Member Directory mobile app lets members navigate to each other with simple directions and mapping.
  • Find a member: Easy-to-use search functions allow members to quickly find anyone in the directory.
  • Free mobile notifications: Use the notification feature to quickly announce schedule changes, send event reminders, and much more. You can message the entire organization or send messages to smaller subgroups. Mobile notifications display like mobile alerts and SMS text messages, but they’re only received by members who’ve installed the Online Member Directory app. Best of all, messaging is unlimited.
  • On-the-go editing: When given the option, members can edit their own member and profile information.
  • Complete views: Some other mobile member directory apps allow only some of the directory to be viewed—Online Member Directory makes the entire directory available.

The free mobile app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

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With some competitors, you hear a recorded message when calling for help. At Online Member Directory, a customer service rep answers your call Monday -Friday, 8am -5pm CT.

We also offer unlimited online training to help you with your organization’s specific needs! 

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